'Life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.

You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew.

Seek therefore, not to find out who you are, seek to determine who you WANT to be.' - Neal Donald Walsh   

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How Can HolisticWell-Being Coaching Help Me?

Health problems can crop up creating signs that you can no longer ignore.  If you already have health challenges such as mental health or cancer, or are in the midst of bereavement, it is even harder. There may be other issues that crop up that may make you lose sight of your most precious Self and your goals. These might include concerns regarding relationships, work, and caregiving. It may be hard to refocus and move forward. Friends and family are well-meaning but often cannot be objective and understand what you really need.  This is where I can be of help to you, as I partner with you, I can offer guidance and support to re-frame your goals, take charge and be accountable once more for your potential health & well being.

What this means is that telephone and Skype contact are available to you as part of your weekly routine to lay down a foundation using specific goals to a healthier and more balanced life and future. 

No matter what point your health and well being are at, you can move from a place of surviving to one of thriving.

Intitial Coaching Session

$ 120 CAD

PLUS - Get a FREE 20 minute telephone/skype follow up session.

Holistic Life Coaching

I believe that we all have the right combination of qualities, skills, competences and abilities to create our best life - despite our challenges. As a coach I  motivate you into action by encouraging, nudging and challenging you to live the life you want to live by re-discovering and capitalizing on your strengths.Together we create meaningful and realistic action goals, discovering and capitalizing on your strengths while identifying  and overcoming blocks to help you achieve your goals.  

Together we work toward where you WANT to be. 

Design and create your future

Anything is possible with the power within!

Did you know that within each of us lies a great magical force signalling us to move forward?       That magical force is what makes life exciting and alive.

  • What keeps you from feeling excited and alive within?
  • What prevents you from being all that you can be?
  • Are you the master of your own destiny, and if not, why not? 

For many the answers to these questions is fear. But fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real!. Perhaps you face challenges with health and well being, work, care-giving, relationships, or transitioning from one phase of life into another?            

If any of this resonates with you ...

'The beginning is always today.' - Mary Shelly

Discover & Awaken Your Inner Power